Evo Ruuhijärvi

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THE RUUHIJÄRVI multifunctional villa in Evo, Hämeenlinna was built originally around 1920 as a base for forest workers, for lumberjacks and woodcutters. The buildings have been renovated and modernized for meetings and vacations in mind and for year-round use. Even though the villa has been fitted with modern comforts its buildings and surroundings still have the spirit of old times lumberjack-worksite. All of this is next to a quiet wilderness lake and close to famous Evo hiking area.

Ruuhijärvi lake villa offers fantastic facilities close to nature for various events for groups from 5 to 60 persons. Some great examples are meetings, company events, vacations, fishing trips or perhaps wedding parties! Ruuhijärvi offers a great environment for bachelor parties as well, with a “private” lake and ensured Peace & Privacy.

The main building’s Main Hall has room for approximately 25 persons. It is equipped with a free Wi-Fi, a flipchart, a silver screen and a 55” widescreen TV with HDMI connection. The area has a separate section for socializing, a TV room and a social area that can also be used for dining by 10 persons. The social area can even be used as a bedroom thanks to a 2-person convertible couch. This room also has a 55” flat screen TV.

The kitchen has tableware for 50 persons, an electric stove and oven, a fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave, and a Moccamaster.

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Peace and Privacy / Evo Nature Ltd.

Ruuhijärventie 137, 16900 Hämeenlinna
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