Elf Academy In Santas Village

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Продолжительность 30 минуты

On the Arctic Circle, close by Santa's Main Office, there is a magic place named Elf Academy. It is an academy like no other – the place where different kind of elves gather to learn the ancient elf wisdoms and crafts.

Book elves read and organize larger and smaller books, home elves practice the art of hiding in plain sight, toy elves study the craft of toy making, sauna elves learn secrets of sauna rituals and Santa’s elves prepare for the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve. Of course, it is impossible to learn all Elf wisdom at once, but during your secret visit to our charming Elf Academy, the elves will share their tips and tricks on how to become an elf little helper yourself.

Expect to become one of the elves, sneak peek into their daily lives in the academy and experience the preparations for Christmas on the Arctic Circle. Upon graduation, our students will receive a special elf mark to symbolize the newly acquired wisdom and, of course, an Elf Academy graduates’ diploma to always remember the secrets you learned.

Welcome to become Elves´ little helper and learn the Elf wisdom!

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