Turku for Authentic Lifestyle Seekers

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Продолжительность 2 дни

With the Food Walk Card in hand, sample the restaurants that most appeal then enjoy a guided river cruise. Hop aboard a boat, bus or bike, and head to the beautiful Ruissalo Island natural park – a favourite with locals and a perfect place for outdoor activities.

Spend the evening by the sea, grilling on an open fire, exploring the magical shores or going night-swimming under the melting sky. When you finally turn in, spend your endless sunset night in the comfortable Tentsile tents of Ruissalo Spa, surrounded by archipelago charm and idyllic nature. The next morning, stroll into the hotel for breakfast, before investigating the island, the botanical garden and all the rest the spa has to offer.

For the afternoon, the cultural experiences of the city centre await. Or if you prefer, discover the distinctive designs of the local artisans and boutiques. Should you have found the Food Walk Card a little too much for one go, this is the ideal time to use it up, and get some energy before setting off on a new adventure.

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