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Ukkohalla Ski Resort

Из 30 €
Продолжительность 1 часы

Right next to the tallest hills in Kainuu lies Ukkohalla resort, where winter fun is guaranteed. We have plenty of slopes for everyone from beginners to expert skiers with enough space to make skiing fun and safe for everybody.

Our 16 slopes and 2 parks offer endless, fun rides to all skill levels. The five ski lifts take the skiers up the slopes, two of them all the way to the top at 170 meters. All slopes are wide enough to provide safety and the longest slope is 1400 meters long. Traverse from one slope to another is easy and convenient.

Ukkohalla snow parks are made for the daredevils both on skis and snowboard. Hallapark, Treeride, and Junnupark are considered some of the best parks in Finland because they are safe, versatile, and suitable for both young and experienced tricksters.

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Подходящий опыт в January, February, March, April, December


Ukkohalla Ski Resort

Ukkohallantie 19, 89400 Hyrynsalmi
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