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Floating Sauna and Swimming in the Ounasjoki River, 3 hours

Из 65 €
Продолжительность 3 часы

An invigorating experience on a floating sauna and charm of the campfire and a traditional Finnish picnic.

You’ll get a chance to enjoy the health benefits and the heat of a floating sauna on the Ounasjoki river. While bathing in the sauna, you may cool down by hopping into the fresh river. The floating sauna is a real experience in Finnish river nature.

An evening snack and refreshments will be served in a goahti hut ashore.

To the relief of shy ones, wearing a swimsuit or a towel is allowed in the sauna. Towels for the sauna are provided by us.

At the Happy Fox we have only local guides with a real knowledge of the arctic nature, so the nature trip with us is a genuine experience.

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Подходящий опыт в June, July, August, September


Happy Fox

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