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Sipoonkorpi National Park


Even though Helsinki is Finland’s capital and its biggest city, it’s incredibly easy to get out of. Rural countryside lies at its doorstep. There’s no better example of this than the unspoiled woodlands of Sipoonkorpi National Park which lies on Helsinki’s eastern border. This pristine wilderness is home to species one would not expect to find near a metropolitan area including the capercaillie, lynx, and eagle-owl. The heritage landscape of Byabäckenlaakso Valley is a prime example of how traditional farming methods can coexist with nature and actually promote biodiversity. A short bus ride from the city centre is all it takes to bask in nature’s tranquillity any time of the year.

In nature conservation areas, everyman's rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip. National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation. All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.

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