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The Chrurch of Kemijärvi


The Church of Kemijärvi is a building designed by Bertel Liljeqvist in Kemijärvi. The church was completed in 1950 and inaugurated in the following year.

The current church of the Kemijärvi is the fourth one of its kind, inuagurated at Midsummer 1951. The church was designed by architect Bertil Liljeqvist. The church seats 850 people and features an organ with 41 stops build by Gerhard Schmid in the 1984. The altarpiece was painted by artist Aale Hakava, assisted by artist Uuno Särkelä.

The third church in the Kemijärvi was build between 1831 and 1832. This cruciform wooden church was destroyed during the Lapland War when the Germans withdrew from Kemijärvi. Dating back to 1776, the Bell Tower survived the ravages of the wars. It was build based on a design by Ylikiiminki-based Heikki Väänänen.

You can also visit the churchyard, the old cemetary and the church on a guided tours in summer.

The Monument to the Finnish Civil War is situated arcross from the main terrace of the church. It was made Emil Wikström and dates back to 1925. The monument was physically hauled along the ice from the other side of lake Pöyliönjärvi.

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Kirkkokatu 11, 98100 Kemijärvi
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