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What’s the story behind the new hotel?

In 2018, we thoroughly renovated our hotel and added a new spa section. We received rave reviews from around the world and our books started filling up accordingly!

However, everything changed overnight, as a fire ravaged the pristine hotel in December 2018. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the financial losses were extensive. After the initial shock, we decided to rebuild the hotel and make it even better than before.

The new hotel was completed in autumn 2020, only to see another setback: the second wave of the corona pandemic. It shut everything down and kept overseas travellers away. Domestic travellers do make up a great deal, but we’re definitely looking forward to welcoming our international guests back. In the past, we’ve had visitors from France, Italy, Spain, Holland, the UK and Germany, for instance.


Quick facts?


– Hotel Iso-Syöte is standing grandly on a hilltop in one of the snowiest areas of Finland and next to a peaceful national park.

– The original hotel from 1984 was largely destroyed by fire in 2018, reconstructioncompleted in 2020.

– 47 hotel rooms, 36 cabins, provides also spa and activity services.

– Owned by Juha and Katariina Kuukasjärvi.



Hotel Iso-Syöte,

Isosyötteentie, 93280 Syöte

How would you describe your hotel?

We’re a unique boutique hotel at the top of a fell. The views are stunning. Everything has been renovated with care, from the private suites to the cosy cabins. I also believe being family-owned gives us a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We’re a very diverse destination, as we have a restaurant with great views, a spa section with a selection of wellness services, and a wide range of both guided and self-guided nature activities. Our Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp lets you experience a genuine Finnish smoke sauna, complete with a dip in the lake.

Restaurant Hilltop serves food from pure Lappish ingredients, such as reindeer and moose, mushrooms and lichen, lingonberries and Arctic cloudberries, all served with a natural, local touch.

Our location couldn’t be better, as we’re served by three different airports and are right next to a national park. That means that we have plenty of room to roam. Inside

our hotel and duringactivities it is easy to keep safety distances. Due to the pandemic we are also implementing additional cleaning and hygiene measures to ensure a safe visit for all.

The new hotel is also extremely eco-friendly: it’s made of timber, wood and natural materials.

What are the best activities to try in Syöte?

The region has three main attractions: fells Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte, as well as Syöte National Park. All three highlight the magnificent nature here and help visitors experience its wonders first-hand.

Nature is everywhere around you, so I would advise you to try doing nothing for a while! Simply relax and enjoy the silence, the views, the present moment and our first-class services.

As far as activities go, you can always try out downhill skiing or snowboarding at the nearby ski centres, but the surrounding hills are also full of cross-country skiing tracks and routes for snowmobiles, snowshoes and fatbikes. What’s more, the national park has hundreds of kilometres of stunning hiking routes.

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