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What’s the story behind Kota-Husky?

Back in 2007, I moved from Ivalo to Posio with my wife at the time and started the business. At first, we had 35 dogs and started our operation from scratch.

We’ve learned a lot over the years and expanded our networks. Now, I’m the sole proprietor, and little by little, our number of dogs has increased. Right now, we have 79 huskies. It’s a good number: we can treat the dogs as individuals and provide enough activity for them.

Corona hit us hard, our sales plummeted over 80 per cent in December 2020. The following spring, however, was a welcome surprise. In the past, 95% of our guests have been from abroad, but now we managed to attract Finnish travellers instead. We had enough people coming in to provide exercise for the dogs and carry us over till next winter.




Husky Kota, Posio


– Husky farm in Posio, Lapland, providing responsible adventures with huskies in the magical Riisitunturi National Park

– Family business with 2 to 3 employees and 79 dogs.

– Owned by Lauri Sassali


Kota Husky,

Jaksamontie 58, 97890
Karjalaisniemi , POSIO

What kind of experiences do you provide for your guests?


We provide unforgettable husky safaris and various types of wilderness adventures for people who appreciate sustainable nature experiences.

In wintertime, we mostly offer 10-30 kilometres rides in our glorious surroundings, but we also provide longer trips in the nearby national park and overnight adventures with aurora spotting, dining and accommodation at wilderness cabins. During summer season, we focus on trekking and farm visits. People want to see our huskies, our life at the farm and our stunning natural beauty. The world’s cleanest air and the incredible silence surrounding our farm also draw people here.


How do the dogs spend their days at your farm?

Animal welfare comes first for us. The dogs are part of our family and are treated equally. The pack has both young and old as well as male and female dogs.

The seasons dictate our life. Winter is our main season, we all work really hard for those months. However, the dogs need both rest and exercise. The dogs are also individuals:some of them are more active, some require more rest. Autumn is our training season for the upcoming winter. Summertime is too hot for the dogs to work, but they still get to play and expend their energy in free running area.

Our dogs start work when they are about two years old and retire at around the age of 10-12. With pups, we start the training with short rides on harnesses and slowly build up the duration. We also have retired dogs that help guide the pups along. These senior citizens stay here and live life to their fullest as long as they can.

How would you describe Posio as a destination?

Posio is a destination where nature and silence come first. There are many family businesses in Posio, so travellers can have authentic experiences and see local life here.

We have made sustainability a priority here. Posio was the first region to receive the Sustainable Travel Finland label. This was the result of our regional businesses working together and forging a path forward. As we rely so much on nature, sustainable travel is important to us – we want to pioneer these practices in Finland. Kota-Husky was also the first sled company to receive the STF label, and we take all aspects of sustainability in consideration.

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