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What’s the story behind The Barö?

In 2019, my good friend Ossi-Matti Nieminen asked me to see an interesting plot in Barösund. As we were admiring the stunning landscape, a strong vision formed in my mind. I knew right away that we had to build a hotel there. One that respects the Archipelago landscape and allows others to enjoy this wonderful environment as well.

This has been a true passion project. But all entrepreneurs need some creative madness! These exceptional times have shaken things up and given fuel for our dreams.

Key facts


– The Barö opened its doors in Inkoo, Barösund, in June 2021
– A boutique hotel in the Archipelago, only an hour’s drive from Helsinki
– Accompanied by a 40-seat restaurant, The Berg, and a seaside sauna
– 12 hotel rooms and 7 more coming by end off 2021
– 10 to 20 employees depending on the season
– Owned by Jussi Paavoseppä and Ossi-Matti Nieminen



The Barö,

Barösundintie 679,
10270 Inkoo

What’s the hotel like?

We’re a small, high-quality Archipelago hotel designed for all the senses. The buildings are architecturally stunning and respect the sensitive nature here.

The hotel has 12 rooms with wooden walkways, while seven more rooms are coming by end off 2021. Atop the Hycklesund cliffs, there is a south-facing spot for sunbathing and a sauna by the beach. The trees between the hotel and the sea offer protection from the elements. We also have a great restaurant, The Berg, where we offer classic Nordic cuisine with a modern twist. The idea is to combine local produce with high-quality ingredients from our Nordic partners. Activities in nature and the Archipelago are also part of our services.

Our location is great, just one hour by car from Helsinki. The surrounding coastal waters and small islands are nothing short of stunning. The best things here are the silence and the presence and beauty of nature all year round. The summer season is quite lively. In winter, the surrounding silence, nature and wild animals like deer, foxes, owls and white-tailed-eagles play a bigger role.

What kind of measures have you taken to ensure a safe visit for all despite the pandemic?


Health safety can be maintained quite easily, as all stays and services can be handled without contact. For example, check-in and check-out as well as restaurant and activity bookings can be managed through our app. This way, your visit will be entirely stress-free as well as contact-free. We want to remain small while also providing enough space for everyone.


How have you taken sustainability into consideration?

Responsibility and sustainability have been part of the project from the very start. Our rooms are in individually movable modules. They were built in a factory, so our construction waste and emissions from transport were minimal.

The construction materials are also as eco-friendly as possible. We have gone for natural materials and kept chemicals to a minimum. The log building is made of pine that has been charred to a beautiful black on the outside. The charring makes the outer surface more durable as well as beautiful, even in our demanding environment. We produce our own water from well and we also have our own biowaste facility that treats our waste water to pure water. Some of our electricity is produced with solar panels as well.

Why should people visit the Inkoo Archipelago?

We believe in the Finnish Archipelago and sustainable travel. The entire Inkoo region and Tammisaari National Park are absolutely breathtaking.

Here, nature and silence are very much present in all the seasons. There are thousands of islands to explore and so many birds and wild animals to watch. Finland also has extensive public access rights, which means you can visit almost any island except for nature reserves. Most of the islands can be easily accessed by boat or canoe – or simply walking or skiing across the ice in the winter.

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