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What’s the story behind your company? What kind of services do you provide?

My father started a company to operate cruises on Lake Saimaa in 1990. I grew up with boats and captained one already at 18 years old.

Today, our company provides luxury cruises. Our 100-year-old steamboats have a sense of true nostalgia combined with high quality and modern technology. For instance, we use the latest satellite positioning systems and electronic navigational charts to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Our cruises can be divided into three main categories: sightseeing cruises, tailored private cruises and our newest experience, week-long cruises on Lake Saimaa.

We would like travellers to experience Finland and the waters of Saimaa for longer. As far as seasons go, summer is our busiest time. However, spring and fall are both picking up and I believe winter will in the future as well. All our ships are properly insulated, so we can set off as soon as the ice allows it. Winter cruises are real Arctic travel – you can experience the life of an international explorer.

Key facts


– Provides luxury cruises on Lake Saimaa in Savonlinna
– Family business, over 30 years of operation
– Has one of the world’s largest commercial fleets of steamboats – S/S Paul Wahl is the only one of its kind in the world.
– Has received multiple prizes, among them the Finnish Travel Company 2021 award.
– Employs 20 people during the summer season, four year-round, and is owned by Janne Leinonen.


Vip Cruise,

Tienpolvi 8, 57710

What can people experience on your cruises?

Seeing the extensive labyrinth of Saimaa with its thousands of islands is a grand experience. We also have the picturesque Olavinlinna castle, home of the famous Savonlinna Opera Festival. As for animals, there is the extremely rare Saimaa Ringed Seal.

We have a professional host on all of our cruises to organise your excursions and experiences. We can visit the marketplace, stop to pick berries or catch a fish or two. These fantastic ingredients will then make for a delicious meal.

I believe that Finland and Saimaa can provide travellers with very profound experiences in nature. You can fall in love with Saimaa’s nature, learn new skills, embrace new ways of thinking and experience the power of fresh air and the outdoors.

How can you guarantee health safety on your cruises?

As a luxury cruise company, tidiness and cleanliness are very important to us. We’ve also treated our ships with nano-coated materials to keep viruses off our surfaces. Our staff is tested regularly and we spend most of our time outdoors, in the water and among nature. We can also provide a private bubble for our guests. This means that your party does not have to interact with people outside your group.

Why should travelers visit Finland and take a cruise on Lake Saimaa?

I don’t know of any other place where you could experience something like this. Combining our unique 100-year-old steamboat with modern luxury and incredible nature is a winning concept.

I also believe that our Arctic climate will be an asset in the future. As global temperatures rise, people will appreciate our cooler seasons and clean air. Living this close to nature also holds a certain mystique for many visitors: not everyone can get food straight from the forest.

Finland is a very equal and well-functioning society. This is a safe country where the people are friendly and trustworthy. Here, you still have room to breathe and enjoy the silence. These must be the reasons why we are the happiest country on earth, as well.

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