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Themes of the Symphony1/4


Taking a trip to Lakeland, the largest lake district in Europe, is like taking a trip into the heart of Finnish identity. Relaxing at a lakeside cottage is an essential part of our lifestyle.

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Themes of the Symphony2/4


Contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland, where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark blue winter days.

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Themes of the Symphony3/4


Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. In fact, there are far more islands than people. The constantly changing sea creates a unique sense of freedom.

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Themes of the Symphony4/4


Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks. The city’s rhythm is laid back yet refreshingly active at the same time.

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Find your holiday in Lakeland

Magical Christmas Time – One Night

Welcome to the Tertti Manor, a functioning farm house and boutique hotel, where you can enjoy…

Kuhmo Culture Celebrates Winter

Kuhmo is worth a cultural visit even in the middle of the darkest and coldest time…

Snowshoe Hike

Snowshoe hike to Koli's stunning peaks. First we have a short presentation of the basic rules…

SaunaWorld & Spa

At SaunaWorld, you can take a journey back in time from the cave sauna of the…

Children's Winter Park

The Porokylä Winter Park gives the whole family a chance to play in the snow. The…

The Northern Lights Sauna Trail

Catch the soul of sauna on The Northern Lights Sauna Trail. You will get familiar with…

Romantic Winter Honeymoon

Find romance in the snow-covered wilderness with the love of your life. Explore wintry nature together…

Northern Lights Adventure

As you sit in a dog sled, powerful headlights cut through the darkness of the enchanted…

Treasures of Nature: Winter in Sysmä

Enjoy your holiday in a well-equipped log cabin for 3 nights with guided snowshoeing and an…

Ski School at Himos Ski Resort

Whether you are skiing for the very first time or wish to fine-tune your technique, our…

Find your holiday in Lapland

Santa Claus Safari

Our most popular safari combines nature, culture and the spirit of Christmas. The day starts with…

The Ultimate Explorer

Nothing beats this unique journey with Sámi reindeer herders when the reindeer migrate to their summer…

Olokolo Luxury Ride on the Frozen Sea

Enjoy the luxurious ride in the Olokolo, pulled by a snowmobile across the frozen sea. The 1,5…

Wilderness Retreat with a Finnish Chef

Breathe the Earth’s purest air and let it relax you completely. In the wintertime, let your…

Aurora Activity Week

Due to its location, Nuorgam is one of the best places to chase the northern lights.…

Crossing the Fell by Snowmobile

We journey through the Levi countryside by snowmobile and twist around the south side of the…

Ranua Zoo

EXPERIENCE THE WILD ARCTIC The Ranua Wildlife Park gives you an opportunity to see polar bears…

Border Trip - Snowmobiling to the Russian Border

A safari from west to east, to the top of the magnificent Kuntivaara Arctic hill, which…

Unforgettable Night at Arctic SnowHotel

The room temperature is 0–5 C°, but heavy sleeping bags and reindeer furs make sure you…

Find your holiday in Archipelago

Three-Course Dinner at Smakbyn

Smakbyn's evening menu is a love letter dedicated to our fantastic nature here in the Nordic…

Holiday Cottage with Sauna by the Lake

Feel like a Finn for a week! Enjoy a relaxing Finnish holiday by the lake in…

Environmentally Friendly Farm Holiday in South-Western Finland

Come and enjoy the Finnish countryside at the Mikkola sheep farm and stay in the beautifully…

Snow and Sand Yoga

Experience the soft touch of nature or the cold embrace of an extreme experience. Sand, snow…

Snowshoeing in a Magical Winter Forest

Our guided snowshoeing trip offers a meditative experience in the magical tranquility of a white winter…

Guided Tour Through Turku Castle

Join a guided tour through the medieval parts of the Turku Castle! Learn the fascinating history…

Visit to Kuppari-Hanna's Natural Health Spa

At the natural spa of Kuppari-Hanna - "Hanna the Cupper", modern life and Finnish folk healing…

Visit the Rauma Maritime Museum!

The Rauma Maritime Museum offers you an in-depth view of the maritime cultural heritage in Rauma,…

Find your holiday in Helsinki

Heureka – The Finnish Science Centre

At Heureka, visitors learn about science and technology in an exciting and fun hands-on environment. In…

Guided Tour to the Didrichsen Art Museum

We offer guided tours for groups with different interests. Besides our current exhibition the focus of…

Töölönlahti Bay and its Colourful History

The old sugar factory, Opera House, 19th century villas, the first railway, Aurora Karamzin; a high…

Cosy Finnish Evening - Home Dinners

This is a specialty for everyone interested in the Finnish Lifestyle. Cosy Finland arranges you an…

Narrative SMAKU Walk in Old Porvoo

Enjoy tasty food in historic setting! SMAKU is a joint creation of the restaurants of Porvoo…

Snowshoe Walking in the South Coast Archipelago

Enjoy the beautiful winter landscapes of the Finnish archipelago. Go snowshoe walking on the ice among…

Glimpse of the Arctic - Huskies in Nuuksio National Park

Meet the huskies of Nuuksio National Park in peaceful nature surroundings. Take turns in dog sled…

Snowmobile Safari in the Archipelago

The snowmobile tour covers an easy and beautiful route around nearby forest trails and frozen sea.…

Authentic Smoke Sauna by the Lake

Krapi's chimneyless smoke sauna is located right by the shores of Lake Tuusula. In addition to…

Ice Skating and Kick Sledging on Lake Tuusula – Hotel Gustavelund

Come and have some winter fun on scenic Lake Tuusula! You can skate on the longest…

Finnish Extremes in Numbers1/11

500 000

summer cottages.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers2/11

188 000


Finnish Extremes in Numbers3/11

Finns spend

79 days

a year at their summer cottages.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers4/11


3 000 000

saunas. That's more than cars.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers5/11

179 000


Finnish Extremes in Numbers6/11


the coldest temperature ever measured.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers7/11


the warmest temperature ever measured.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers8/11

In the winter, the sun doesn’t
rise above the horizon for

52 days

in Lapland.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers9/11

In the summer, the midnight
sun doesn’t go down for

70 days.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers10/11


70 %

of Finland is covered by forest.

Finnish Extremes in Numbers11/11


metal bands.

Find your finnish DNA

Where would you have been born if you were a Finn?