HEKLA.com is an online travel agency (OTA) serving you with many years of experience in incoming travels to the Northern part of Europe – going from Iceland in West to Russia in East. Whether you are looking for guided tours or day excursions, HEKLA.com provides you with an online platform, that makes it easy for you to find the exact travel you are looking for.

You are in safe hands. We work with only the most professional partners on our destinations. We make sure to deliver what we promised and are fully committed to the services provided. If you are more than 9 people traveling together, whether it be as company group, student group or leisure group we are happy to plan and customize your group trip. The HEKLA.com team consists of committed travel experts from all over Northern Europe with a passion for traveling. Our aim is to share this passion and local know-how and make traveling to Northern Europe accessible and easy for you.