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Local travel organisations, transport companies and travel businesses may be involved in Visit Finland campaigns. Foreign operators that organise travel to Finland can also gain visibility by participating in our campaigns.

The Symphony of Extremes – Born from Finnish DNA

A project where we examine our heritage and turn it into music that reflects these extremes.

Visit Finland wanted to celebrate Finland’s centennial in a fresh, exciting way. Combining science and art with tourism is an entirely novel concept. Music has the ability to reach people across languages and cultures. Music also transcends time – it has longevity.

Our key idea is to discover what Finland sounds like. Apocalyptica’s Eicca Toppinen was our choice to compose the symphony of DNA. The way they fuse musical extremes is perfect for the campaign.

A music video will be premiered in November 2017.

The Symphony of Extremes – Born from Finnish DNA is a global campaign that will be supported through PR, paid advertising and Visit Finland’s channels.


Please contact your local Visit Finland representative.

Ms Minna Myyrinmaa
Coordinator, Campaigns
The campaigns are used to raise interest in Finland and the product-related areas provide consumers with a way of purchasing a trip to Finland.