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Northern Lights Viewing and Snow and Ice Architecture

Northern Lights Viewing When in Lapland you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis. The deep green and yellow colours, sometimes streaked with bands of red, are one of the most astonishing natural phenomena it is possible to witness. From November to January, various shades …

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The Finnish reindeer was tamed long ago from the wild fell deer. The reindeer is a hoofed, long-legged, four-toed animal in the moose family. It is a ruminant and has four stomachs. Both sexes have antlers, which they shed every year. The reindeer also changes its fur every year. Its …

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Dog-sled and Reindeer Safaris

Dog-sled Safaris Imagine a ride through silent, snow-covered wilds in a husky-drawn sled. The dogs can reach amazing speeds over even the hardest, deepest snow. It’s great fun and a truly exhilarating experience. The safari operators will provide you with thermal suits and footwear and even teach you to drive …

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Northern Lights Viewing and Snow and Ice Architecture Reindeer Dog-sled and Reindeer Safaris