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Winter in Finland – Snow Fun in Finland

Take some time to see how the Finns really can make the most of their fantastic winter opportunities. Check out the unique experience of a night in an igloo or snow hotel, sign up for a safari adventure that can take you deep into one of the spectacular Finnish national parks, or try out your technical skills as you experience the reality of winter driving and skid control. Or put your skis down for a day and see how you fare with a snowboard.

Summer in Finland – Refreshingly Different

You can spend a refreshingly different holiday in Finland pursuing various outdoor activities. Here you’ll see a few examples of activity packages for cyclists, hikers, canoeists and horse-riding enthusiasts.

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Summer in Finland

Summer in Finland – Refreshingly Different Summer in Finland: long, warm, days of sunshine shimmering across harbours, lakes and waterfronts. The beautiful weather invites everyone to make the most of the wonderful outdoors. There is activity everywhere, with festivals of song and dance staged across the country that make the …

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Finnish Archipelago

Finland’s coast boasts the world’s largest archipelago. Old wooden towns, lighthouses, historical manors and stone churches, large national parks stretching over land and sea – this all sums up coastal Finland in a nutshell. Islander Lifestyle There are hundreds of inhabited islands in the Finnish archipelago – more than anywhere …

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FINRELAX – MAKING FINLAND THE PRIMARY WELL-BEING TRAVEL DESTINATION   The themed growth programmes, the Finnish Archipelago, Stopover Finland and FinRelax, all prepared and coordinated by Visit Finland are all running. The acting project manager of the FinRelax well-being travel programme is Kiti Häkkinen and the project coordinator is Cené …

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Design, Architecture and Shopping

Finnish designers today rank among the most exciting in the world: so don’t miss the chance to appreciate the graceful and sophisticated forms serving basic everyday functions in architecture, design and homeware… A reputation for cool design Stand in the middle of Helsinki. Look up and look around. If your …

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Eat and Enjoy

Finland for Food Lovers A CULINARY HISTORY OF MULTIPLE INFLUENCES Finns love to shock tourists with the exotic, black “delicacies” of salmiakki (salt liquorice), rye bread and mämmi (rye/malt pudding). The colour black doesn’t actually say much about local cuisine, which comes in all shapes and colours. Finland’s pure flavours, …

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