National Parks

National Parks with Unique Natural Sights

Nature protection is the primary function of national parks. The national parks are protected areas exemplifying the more valuable and characteristic habitats and land forms in the country, such as archipelago, lakes, forests, peatlands and fells.

The national parks include many unique natural sights, such as rapids, rift valleys and eskers. Localities with outstanding picturesque scenery or panoramic views have also been selected for preservation. In yet other places the aim has been to preserve landscapes affected by human habitation and bygone ways of life.

There is a total of 39 national parks in Finland. They are managed by Metsähallitus with the exception of the Koli National Park which is managed by the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla.

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Open to the public

An important role of national parks is to provide opportunities for recreation, hiking and similar outdoor pursuits. Provided certain basic rules are adhered to, anyone may wander freely inside a national park. Many parks now feature nature trails, as well as information boards pointing out facets of interest. Many parks also have cooking places and tent sites. Some parks even boast a large camping site, complete with rentable cabins or unlocked huts.

The year 2016 sees the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Finnish National Parks in 1946, immediately after the war. The parks in question are Lemmenjoki (the northernmost, in Lapland), Liesjärvi (southern Finland), Linnansaari (in the eastern Saimaa lake district), Oulanka (on the north-eastern border with Russia), Petkeljärvi (eastern Karelia), Pyhä-Häkki and Rokua (both in central Finland).

The very first National Parks in Finland were founded as long ago as 1938 and included the Pyhätunturi and Pallastunturi fell areas of Lapland, which have remained within National Park boundaries. The National Park concept developed from the idea of establishing nature conservancy areas, the first of which were founded in 1916.

National Parks by Region

Helsinki Region: Ekenäs Archipelago, Liesjärvi and Nuuksio

Lake District: Helvetinjärvi, Hiidenportti, Isojärvi, Koli, Kolovesi, Leivonmäki, Linnansaari, Patvinsuo, Petkeljärvi, Pyhä-Häkki, Päijänne, Rokua, Salamajärvi, Seitseminen, Tiilikkajärvi, Torronsuo

Lapland: Lemmenjoki, Oulanka, Pallas-Yllästunturi, Perämeri, Pyhä-Luosto, Riisitunturi, Syöte, Urho Kekkonen National Park

Coastal Areas and Archipelago: Archipelago, Eastern Gulf of Finland, Repovesi, Valkmusa, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas, Kurjenrahka, Lauhanvuori, Puurijärvi-Isosuo

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