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The travel product section of offers you an excellent opportunity to increase the international visibility of your travel products – free of charge.

Your Stay product section of offers the Finland-minded traveler a new, informative and fun tool to plan a dream holiday to our country. Compelling images and fascinating product descriptions make it easy to build an interesting trip in Finland and recommend this to friends.

Do you have internationally interesting travel products and services that represent your region and/or destination in an intriguing way? Can they be booked by individual travelers? If the answer is yes and you want to be part of the Your Stay section of, please click the link above and fill in your company and product description.

My Stay travel products and services should be in line with Visit Finland’s internationalization criteria and the My Stay product criteria (see below).

Growth and umbrella programs use My Stay database to collect products to their portfolio and use My Stay products in their marketing and sales activities. In addition to the above mentioned criteria the program specific criteria are applied to these products, see here: FinRelax, StopOver, Outdoors Finland.

My Stay product criteria

The My Stay-link is next time open 10.-31.10.2018.