Media Visits

Interested in coming to Finland on a press trip? See below how we can help you.

PLEAse make sure you meet our criteria:
  • You have an agreement with the invited media on publishing editorial content on Finland
  • The article/show will be published within 12 months of the visit, or at its earliest convenience
  • The circulation/readership/viewers and advertising value are measured by an official media survey
  • The readership/viewer profile matches the target group of Visit Finland – modern, open-minded people with a high sense of social responsibility
  • You represent media from our target market (Benelux, AT, CH, DE, FR, IT, ES, IN, UK, US, CA, CN, JP, RU, Scandinavia)
  • You are able to demonstrate that readers/viewers are more interested in travelling abroad or are more frequent travellers than the average population in the target country
Visit Finland is able to assist you WITH the following:
  • Accurate information on regions, destinations, activities, places to stay, people to meet, etc.
  • Itinerary based on the theme of your article/show
  • Assistance with travel bookings and costs (decided case-by-case)
  • High resolution images and videos along with other materials
After your visit to Finland please remember to…