We believe that happiness is not a mystical ability you are born with – it’s an approach to life that you can learn. As Finland is the world’s happiest country, we're organising a four day Masterclass in Finland where selected applicants learn the methods to finding their inner Finn.

Master your inner Finn

This is where the journey begins

The Finnish state of mind is not a closely guarded secret or a mystical ability Finns are born with. On the contrary, it can be shared: Finnish happiness is a skill. A skill that can be taught. Now we want to share our secrets to leading a balanced life on the quirky side. This is where your journey to finding your inner Finn begins.

Learn how to reconnect with nature and embrace the unique habits and traditions of Finland – the happiest country in the world for the six consequtive years. At the Masterclass of Happiness, Finnish coaches from various fields share their best practices and methods on finding your inner Finn – all in the middle of Finnish nature. The Masterclass of Happiness is an in-person session held in Finland in June 2023. The application period has now ended. Thank you for applying. Follow us on social media for updates. 

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Masterclass of Happiness

Find your spark and inner Finn in Finnish Lakeland

The Masterclass of Happiness is a totally unique four-day experience held in June. The location is carefully selected to cater to the needs of all selected applicants on their quest for Finnish happiness. Kuru Resort is a private retreat centre located in the Finnish Lakeland region. At Kuru, guests will be accommodated in an exclusive private villa.

During the four days, attendees will be introduced to their inner Finn and start building a set of skills that help them sustain a balanced lifestyle in connection with nature.
Attendees will be learning about themes such as nature crafts, food for the soul and body, exercise in forests and lakes, calming sounds and music and the Finnish way of life in general. All this takes place in exclusive sessions with Finnish experts working as personal coaches. 

Learn from the best coaches at the Masterclass of Happiness

Credits: Julia Kivelä / Lakeland Finland

Welcome to Finland – where happiness resides

Thousands of reasons to fall in love

You will find thousands of reasons (and lakes) to fall in love with Finland – whether it’s the people, stunning nature or spectacular architecture. And just when you think you’ve seen and experienced it all, Finland’s four distinct seasons will beckon you back for more.

Here, you’re never more than a short walk from nature. Whether you want to wind down in lush forests, adventure in the Arctic wilderness or relax on the open coast, Finland has plenty of space for everyone. Plus, the flora and fauna are like nowhere else on Earth – especially when you experience it under the mystical Midnight Sun.

Finland’s four regions all have their own unique personality, and each season brings something new to the experience. Whether you’re looking for an urban holiday or an escape to nature – or a bit of both, please – there is a destination that’s right for you. Read more about the regions to find your next port of call.


A stunning giant labyrinth of lakes, islands and forests

There’s nothing more Finnish than a red cottage by the lake, surrounded by lush green forests.

Credits: Mikko Nikkinen


The North is full of contrasts and magic

The sun never sets in summer while the Aurora Borealis adorn winter’s night skies.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Coast and Archipelago

The largest archipelago in the world

It’s easy to fall in love with its windswept beaches, maritime culture and easy-going lifestyle.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Helsinki region

Urban life with access to nature

Experience the perfect combination of city life and the outdoors, lively or laid back to suit your mood.

Credits: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Partners

Inspiration for your next trip

Not sure what to do on your next trip to Finland? No worries. We have gathered a selection of curated journeys from different parts of the country. Find interesting sights to see, places to visit, and restaurants to dine in.