Magical Pond Nature Igloos Summer

Från 225 €

We are pleased to welcome adults and small families to our beautiful and unique glass igloos.

Located in the middle of the Kuusamo forest, you can appreciate the calm and lively scenery through big windows, observe chipping birds and fluffy rabbits without leaving the cosiness of our custom-made king size bed. Here, it is not rare to cross the path of reindeers enjoying their holidays after their busy winter with Santa.

Don’t forget your swimsuit! As in this hot season we place stand-up paddles and a rowing boat at your disposal. Feel free to use them to experience and unforgivable midnight sun (yes, it shines 24/7 at the summer solstice, exciting. Isn’t it?). You could also ask for a gourmand snack plate to eat by the dock and picnic.

Are you ready to experience YOUR magical vacation?

Our staff looks forward to welcoming you.

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