Sailing Ship m/aux Astrid

Från 2000 €

A genuine old-time sailing ship Astrid provides an ideal setting and an unforgettable experience in the heart of Helsinki for your private or company events like birthdays, weddings, family celebrations, recreation days, client events, evening gatherings and even for holiday cruises from a few days up to few weeks. During the sailing, the guests will have the opportunity to participate in all activities on board, from hoisting and trimming sails to navigating and steering the ship.

Docking at a nearby island or anchoring at a sheltered creek, enjoying nautical cuisine from the galley and dipping in the sea after sauna will make your event perfect!

Wooden tall ship, m/aux Astrid was built in 1947 in the rural district of Porvoo, Finland, for coastal freight traffic. The current owners acquired Astrid in 1969 for sail training purposes. The cargo hold was transformed into a cozy salon for lounge and lodging. Astrid was approved to Finland's National Board of Antiquities’ registry of traditional tall ships in 1994. The ship has been completely refitted and equipped with the latest technology and safety equipment.

Astrid is suited for groups of up to 60 people.

Starting price for ship rental is 2000 € for three hours.

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