Tampere has made a name for itself as a major Nordic congress destination, particularly since the inauguration of Tampere Hall two decades ago.

The city’s excellent infrastructure and services meet the needs of even the most demanding congress organiser.

Tampere Hall is the leading conference facility in Finland and a major conference and concert centre in Scandinavia, and hosts over 20 international conferences every year.

Between two lakes

Tampere is a beautiful, green city between two lakes, offering an array of leisure activities, such as Nordic walking, lake cruises, original sauna experiences, and swimming in the fresh water lakes.

The city centre is compact: all major hotels, restaurants and shops are within convenient walking distance of each other.

A Vibrant Student City

Tampere is a lively town with two universities: the University of Tampere has approximately 15 000 degree students and the Tampere University of Technology around 10 000 students. There’s also a number of research institutes that work in close cooperation with the universities.

In addition, the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offers Bachelor and Master level studies for 10 000 students in seven educational fields. The Police College of Finland also operates in Tampere.

Easy facility visits

For international congress delegates, Tampere offers an innovative academic environment and numerous interesting research centres and laboratories to visit. An extensive and experienced network of conference professionals is always available for help with local arrangements.

Strong focus on research and development

Tampere is known for education, research and technology. Up to 15 per cent of Finland’s national R&D budget is spent in the Tampere Region. The region has strong and focused business activities and research expertise in seven different fields:

• Biotechnology

• Digibusiness

• Energy Technology

• Health technology

• Intelligent machines

• Nanotechnology

• Ubiquitous computing

These activities are based on the close cooperation between various research institutions, institutes of higher education, the business community and different financing organisations. They speed up the growth of industry by activating cooperation networks and providing financing as well as by launching and realising different development projects.


The largest Lake District in Europe: In a scarcely populated country there’s enough scenery and shoreline for all, allowing you to easily lose yourself in thought or be inspired by the vast clear lakes, intricately splintered by islands, isthmuses and green spits.