Located on the west coast of Finland, Vaasa is known as a bilingual city with city 70 per cent speaking Finnish and 25 per cent speaking Swedish as their mother tongue.

Vaasa is an international city. People from more than 100 different countries live in Vaasa, and Nordic and international contacts have always been of great importance.

Vaasa is the educational, cultural and touristic centre of Western Finland. Every third person you meet in the street is a student or school pupil; every fifth person studies at one of the universities.

International with good connections

International companies and universities make Vaasa an attractive place to work and study; in the past two years the population, workplaces and tax revenue have clearly increased. More than 30 per cent of Vaasa residents have a university degree.

With its good traffic connections, Vaasa attracts a score of meetings, conferences and international congresses every year. The high-class conference venues and hotels as well as interesting activities in the unique Kvarken Unesco World Heritage area create excellent opportunities for a meeting to succeed.

Focus on energy technology

Vaasa is the Nordic leader in energy technology. A significant share of Finland’s – and of all the Nordic countries’ – energy technology industry is located in the Vaasa region.

Thanks to short distances, Vaasa is an easy place to reach, live and meet. The city is logically planned; five broad avenues and several lanes make sure traffic runs smoothly. The cultural life in Vaasa offers everything from opera to symphony concerts

Vaasa is statistically the sunniest city in Finland.

Coast and Archipelago

Coastal Finland with its stunningly beautiful archipelago offers a variety of fascinating destinations that are easy to reach.

Coast and Archipelago