June 26, 2019

Lahti is the first Finnish city to be appointed as the European Green Capital at the awards ceremony in Oslo June 20 2019.

The title of European Green Capital is the European Commission’s recognition of a city that is a pioneer in environmental activities, serves as an example to other cities and develops innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Winning the title means that in 2021, a number of international and local environmental events will take place in Lahti.

– Lahti receiving the title is very important regionally, nationally and internationally, as Finland has never had a European Green Capital. Lahti will implement the idea of the European Green Capital in an excellent way and supports its ambitious goals, says Mayor Pekka Timonen.

Lahti was one of the three finalists in the European Green Capital competition for 2021. Lahti competed for the title against Strasbourg and Lille. Originally the competition involved nine cities across Europe.

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