June 21, 2018

The city of Turku is hosting this year’s International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) from June 25th till 29th, 2018. ICAR gathers 700 scientists and researchers to Finland. The event is annual and rotates through America, Australasia and Europe, with the last two events held in South Korea and St Louis, Missouri in the USA.

This year’s conference is held at Logomo, Turku’s showpiece conference and cultural venue converted from a former railway workshop.

Conference organiser Dr. Michael Wrzaczek says that “we wanted to hold the event in a smaller city” of why Turku was chosen as the event’s destination.

“It has never been held in northern Europe before,” says Wrzaczek. “This time we were offered the chance, and since most of the work in this kind of plant research in Finland uses Arabidopsis it was regarded as a great opportunity to bring the conference here.”

One Finnish strength in the context of ICAR, he continues, is the unique opportunity to bring together Finland’s considerable expertise in the field and imprint it on the conference, integrating research areas that are traditionally fairly separate.

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