The 23rd Nordic Congress of Gerontology, Tampere Hall

The 23rd Nordic Congress of Gerontology (23 NKG) was held in Tampere Hall, Tampere on 19-22 June 2016.

Number of participants was 920.

What was best about the event?
Excellent congress venue in all respects (location in Tampere, meeting rooms, technical support etc ). The scientific content was of high international standard

Did everything go well and why?
Yes – no complaints whatsoever.

How was the location?
Tampere Hall is a jewel – (I have to admit that I almost wanted to steal it and relocate it in my home town)

How were the people?
Friendly and helpful – what more can you ask for

Other comments?
Given that Tampere is not offering a major airport with many international connections I’m really impressed that so many were able to attend the meeting.
The PCO and the homepage most certainly a key to the success, besides all previous direct contacts with potential attendees

Boo Johansson, prof. Univ of Gothenburg, Sweden (past president of the Nordic Gerontological Federation (NGF)

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