Open Innovation 2.0 Conference, Espoo


“The Open Innovation 2.0 conference in Espoo was the third edition, previous ones having been held in Dublin. The conference was organized in collaborative way with the European Commission, the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group, Intel Labs Europe, Aalto University and Espoo City. The environment of Espoo Innovation Garden provided the event very interesting new components. Preceding the conference an ACSI camp was organized to feed in the conference with themes and future prototypes to be carried forward on city, regional and EU level.

We met at the reception hosted by The City of Espoo at The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia in Nuuksio National Park. It really is a perfect place to create new contacts and begin the discussions into the conference. Close to the nature with new approach to a nature center, together with hyper modern and ecological building is a stimulus for fruitful idea exchange.

As festive highlight of the event can be described the Innovation Luminary Award ceremony where thought leaders in modern innovation theory and practice were awarded. The award is recognition of ground-breaking new thinking, courage and real action. The ceremony was held in the WeeGee Exhibition Centre, not far from the conference site in Otaniemi. The industrial heritage showed in its functionalism of the space, very different from the previous places which have hosted the event in previous years. The warm ambience with the hospitality of the City of Espoo made the whole conference dinner a very pleasant highlight (among several) of the conference.

The best of the Open Innovation 2.0 conference in Espoo this year was the strong cross fertilization of ideas and actions between the speakers and the audience. Strong participation by the audience was called for and that was well responded to. The facilities chosen for the conference (Otakaari 1 Conference Venue) and the supporting events were helping in creating the right ambience for this process, making the Open Innovation 2.0 conference a different one. In the very positive direction. The time of action, prototypes and experiments is now. I am glad that the outcome of the conference is not just a set of thoughts or papers, but a good mix of growing real world prototypes in different fields.”
Bror Salmelin, Advisor, Innovation Systems, DG Communications Networks, Contents and Technology, European Commission


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