Top of the World Arctic Broadband Summit, Oulu, Finland

 What was good?

Great selection of expertise from a wide geographic scale across the Arctic and the sub-Arctic participated to the Arctic Broadband Summit, thus providing great deal of international expertise; wonderful venue with an individual touch; great location (=Oulu) with good connectivity (especially minding the usual remoteness of Arctic events); relevance RE: substance of the event (Oulu as a connectivity and mobile technology hub); opportunity for exciting site visits.

Why everything succeeded well?    Everything worked out perfectly thanks to a wonderful onsite and hosting staff. Together with our organization, they made sure that the practical preparations were thought through to the smallest detail. All in all, thanks to good preparations everything was set prior to the start of the meeting and we were able to set our resources to dealing with unexpected events.

How was the location?   The venue (Uusi Seurahuone) was great: it has a unique character, great location, and provided enough opportunities for small side meetings. The conference technique worked well thanks to pro staff. In addition, the Uusi Seurahuone staff was very helpful, service-oriented and professional in their conduct.

How was the people? The team in Oulu (City of Oulu and BusinessOulu) is simply amazing! It was great to cooperate with them. They responded timely and were very extremely helpful. They thought of the smallest details on our behalf, thus ensuring a successful event. All in all, a very professional organization with a variety of skills in-house that it was a pleasure to work with.

Something else?  Oulu provides a great setting for international conferences as it is easily reachable though relatively small, making onsite logistics smooth. Thanks to their wide experience in organizing high-level international events, the Oulu team can provide excellent help for any organization.


Anu Fredrikson


Arctic Economic Council Secretariat

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