The HillTop Yurt

Da 140 €


This is a unique possibility to sleep in the middle of Arctic Circle wilderness. The cozy and warm Yurt is located 25km from Rovaniemi centrum, and is on the top of the forest hill. Place is quiet and surrounded with beautiful nature. There is no road to the forest hill, so we will take you there with ATV or Snowmobile or we can hike or ski there with you and help you to get comfortable. There is no shower or electricity available, so you truly are in the middle of wilderness. Phone and wifi are available, so if you feel too quiet or alone, you can get contact to outer world. Yurt is decorated with beautiful Scandinavian elements and it is warm even the weather is cold outside. This is a place for thinking and relaxing and enjoying pure and simple things. We think this is something everyone should experiment at least once in a lifetime!

If you want to experience Finnish wooden sauna, it can be arranged for extra price. Sauna is located 5km from the Yurt and travel is done with snowmobile or ATV. Travel price is included to the Sauna price.

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