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BeneOne Oy/Tarja Tirkkonen Concept – Balance Of Mind And Body

Can you imagine the complete day of harmony?

• Smile on your face again

• Life´s spirit flowing through your entire body - from head to toes

• Enjoying silence. Abscence of pain. Time to breath. Time to relax

BeneOne Oy/Tarja Tirkkonen Concept is all about that balance.

Balance Of Mind And Body. That´s what Bene Statera® means.

Your wishes and expectations of pleasureful, good life becoming reality.

Our promise is ”we create new people” and rise you above weekdays. Your life blooms and shines like star again.

We will take you there with:

• Bene Statera® Balance Of Mind And Body – Finnish Traditional Health-treatments

You can enjoy all the benefits of this masterful method finnish folks have relied on - thousands of years!

• Neurosonic- and Cryonic-treatments

Two proven and sensational wellness technologies that upgrade your quality of life - in no time!

• Feeling good-treatments

From tip to toe - with our supremely professional and heartfelt staff

• Aurora Hut®-luxury experience – the night of trillion stars

Your unforgettable stay in glass-Igloo with all modern facilities. In silence. In peace. Hearty breakfast included.

This is what we are and do. And we are right here for you.

Check for more details:

Contact Us: +358504650509

Visit Us: Kuopion Portti, Puutarhakatu 9, 3rd floor, 70300 KUOPIO

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