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Premium Sauna Session & Traditional Treatments

Da 130 €
Durata 2 ore

Have a Premium Sauna Session in a handcrafted log building with a soul- situated on a cozy Island Livonsaari in Naantali Archipelago. Choose from a variety of treatments such as sauna, wet-cupping, massage, shamanic relaxing and bone-setting therapy. In Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa modern medicine and traditional healing go hand-in-hand and all treatments meet the highest standards of hygiene. I am one of the authorized (by the Valvira-National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) wet-cupping therapists here in Finland. Welcome to treat yourself into a traditional Finnish Sauna Healing experience!

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Kuppari-Hanna´s Natural Health Spa

Pohjanpääntie 90B, 21180 Naantali
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