AuroraHut Igloo

Da 230 €

The stunning AuroraHut Igloo is a unique solution in Nuorgam where you enjoy your own privacy by the beautiful scenery of the River Teno and the fells. Sleep under the northern lights and starry sky in the middle of nature and spot reindeer from the big windows of the igloo.

In summer you can admire the nightless night of Lapland and in autumn you can admire the sparkling splendor of color around you. The flowing waters of the pure Kaldoaivi are drinkable almost everywhere and you can relax in the nearby pond while swimming or fishing.

There are a small kitchen and a toilet in the igloo, showers and a sauna are available in a separate building. There is a double bed for 2 people and space for an extra mattress on the floor.

We invite you to be delightet!

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Nights of Northern Lights

Lapinrinne 10, 99990 Nuorgam
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