Guided tour: Glimpses of Paimio Sanatorium

Durata 1 ore

The guided tour takes a quick look at the daily life and architecture of the sanatorium. The tour consists of a half-hour guided tour of the sanatorium and a visit to the exhibition. The estimated combined duration of the tour and the exhibition is 60 minutes.

The tour includes stories about the architecture and history of the sanatorium and a short visit to the roof terrace. The tour ends with the Rooms at Paimio Sanatorium exhibition.

The tour is in Finnish but we offer reading material in English and Swedish.

After the guided tour, you can enjoy Sanatoriums other services, i.g. doing shopping at Kauppa, stay and relax at restaurant Ravintola Toivo or just walk around at Sanatorium’s yard.

The 60-minute tour ticket is 15 € per person (10 € reduced). Price includes access to all exhibitions.

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