Have an experience that leaves you awestruck

See your first northern lights

Get ready for one of the most unforgettable nights of your life!
Northern Lights_mirror aurora_autumn - Markus Kiili_optimized - Markus Kiili

It's time to see the northern lights

The northern lights are such an otherworldly display that people travel from all over the world to Finland to see them. Your first time will certainly be a moment to remember, but the experience never grows old. Head to Lapland and northern Finland to get lost in the beauty of the Aurora Borealis.

The skies are clear tonight
It's time to dress warmly and head outside
The stars are out and the space weather is active
Your chances of seeing the northern lights are great
Pick a dark spot with unobstructed views of the sky
And get lost in the magic of the auroras!

Unique places for northern lights spotting

MagicalPond_Ruka-Kuusamo_Igloo_village_Ruka-Kuusamo_Fnland-in-autumn90 - Magical Pond

Glass-covered cabin

Sleep under the northern lights (literally!) in a glass-covered cabin and you'll have a night like no other. Northern Finland is full of unique accommodation to choose from!
9245333675_3dc27f6b06_o_northern_lights_on_ice_optimized - Antti Pietikäinen

Frozen lake

A frozen lake is one of the best open places to go aurora-spotting. Go on a guided tour to make sure your trip on natural ice is as safe as possible.
Finland_aurora_winter_cottage - Eeva Mäkinen

Top of fell

A fell ("tunturi") in Lapland, with little to no tall trees, is a great place to have unobstructed views of the northern lights. Make sure to dress warmly!

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