Travel sustainably

Make mindful choices as you travel

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Sustainable Finland Pledge

Credits: Julia Kivelä

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Sustainable travel tips

Experience Finland to the fullest and leave nothing but footprints.

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Think climate and nature

Make use of the many ways to move around the country

Getting around in Finland is no hassle – transport networks by air, rail, road and water run like clockwork. But in Finland, slow travel is the best way to travel, so take your time and choose the most environmentally friendly option.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Have respect for heritage

Treat people and their surroundings with respect

Living in harmony with the environment is deep-rooted in Finland and is an essential element of responsible travel. Preserve this beautiful country for generations to come by treating it and its people with respect.

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Buy and support local

Eat local, seasonal food

The taste of Finland can be found everywhere: fresh fish from glistening lakes, tangy berries growing wild in the forest, umami reindeer that roam the land. Eating in sync with nature only heightens the flavour.

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Sustainability matters because we love to travel

Travelling is great. But for us to be able to continue exploring new countries and learning about foreign cultures, we need to ensure that tourism is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is sound from ecological, socio-cultural and financial perspectives. In Finland, these three aspects form the basis of our sustainability work. We believe it’s our job to make mindful actions easier for everyone.

Think climate and nature

In Finland, we make better climate choices and have an action plan to curb our carbon footprint.

Have respect for heritage

In Finland, we strive for true, respectful representation of local cultures. We want to help strengthen cultural heritage and support cross-cultural dialogue.

Buy and support local

We support local businesses and aim to bring employment and prosperity to communities.

Spot the green label to get started

Across our website, you’ll spot a tiny green marker on many products and services that says "Sustainably certified". It means that a company has the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label. If you have two equally good options, go for the one with the STF label. It’ll be a better, more mindful choice.

Companies with the STF label are forerunners in sustainable tourism. They constantly aim to mitigate the harmful impact of their operations on our planet, its people, and communities. One of the steps in the STF programme is certification: the STF labelled companies have a sustainability certificate, audited by a third party, to guarantee high-quality and long-term development in order to provide sustainable tourism services. Find our more about the steps in the programme in the bottom of this page.

Sustainable things to do

Explore sustainable things to do
Snowshoe walk in the winter wonderland

Arctic Snowshoe Walk

4 hours

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