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Sustainable Finland Pledge

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Finland is reaching for the top when it comes to sustainability and Visit Finland's vision is to be the world's leading sustainable travel destination. We take sustainability into account in everything we do – and we'd like to invite you on this journey with us. The Sustainable Finland Pledge is a part of this commitment.

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You'll find the Sustainable Travel Finland Pledge by scrolling down this page.

Please read through it carefully and with consideration.

At the end, you can download the Pledge to your own device as a reminder to make mindful choices when traveling to and in Finland. You can also share this page on social media to spread awareness. Thank you!


On my journey I pledge to appreciate nature,
and this I will do with great pleasure.
The wilderness lets me relax and connect,
I promise to treat it with the utmost respect.
Its forests and lakes should remain plastic-free,
so I will not leave any rubbish behind me.



The cleanest tap water shall quench my thirst,
because in my choices the climate comes first.
In nature, it’s our equal right to roam free,
this should be enjoyed responsibly.
The berries and mushrooms are there to be eaten,
but I’ll stick to the paths that are already beaten.



Long before humans the wildlife’s been there,
so I won’t set up camp just anywhere.
I shall respect all those around me,
letting everyone enjoy these surroundings equally.
In preserving our nature we all have a part to play,
And this pledge I embrace will show us the way.

Great – you've completed the Pledge along with 10,470 others. You can download it below.

Making everyday choices matters

Making your next holiday in Finland can be both sustainable and spectacular. Making concrete, everyday choices matters.

Take our quiz below and let us know your favourite ways of making sustainable choices! At the end, you'll find more tips on how to be sustainable during your travels.




Traveling on rails causes low emissions. Which rail trip would be your favourite?

Carbon-neutral overnight train to Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
Scenic autumn tram ride in Helsinki
Adventurous train trip in summery Lakeland
Fast-speed journey to the culinary hot spot Turku

Sustainable stories from Finland

We've collected a set of sustainable articles and stories to draw inspiration from. Here, you'll find concrete tips on how to make the most out of your (green) journey in Finland from the best second-hand shops to the most exhilirating human-powered activities – and much more!

Sustainable Travel Finland label

Click on the link to find all things sustainable about traveling to and around Finland on one page, including information about the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Credits: Mona Salminen