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Season of Midnight Sun

What is Finnish summer like and what can you do in Finland from June to August? We are not called the Land of the Midnight Sun for nothing; the long summer days and white nights are endless. Nature's own light show provides the perfect scenery for cottage holidays, bathing in a sauna, strolling around summer cities – like Helsinki – and going for late-night swims.

Experience summer in Finland

Finland comes alive during the summer months. Each Finnish region offers something unique during this season. How about going for a city break in the bustling Helsinki region or island-hopping in the world's largest archipelago? Perhaps escaping to a cottage holiday in Lakeland or admiring the nightless night in Lapland is more your cup of tea? Options are endless, like the summer nights. Here are some suggestions of articles to read.

Things to do in regions

Here are some suggestions of things to do in Lakeland, Helsinki region, Coast and Archipelago, and Lapland

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