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There's no scene more Finnish than a cottage by the lake surrounded by an emerald green forest.

About Lakeland

Lakeland is where Finns come to recharge and reconnect with nature. The region offers things to do all year round, from cruises to fishing, paddle boarding, ice swimming and skating. And where there's a lake, there's sure to be a cottage. Find one and experience the Finnish way to kick back and relax. After all, as Europe's largest lake district, Lakeland offers plenty of space for all and a special spot just for you.

5 reasons to visit Lakeland

From experiencing the essence of Finland to the saunas and cottages; here are the best reasons to visit Finnish Lakeland.

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Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes and most of them are located in Lakeland. These clean freshwater lakes provide an excellent opportunity for year-round activities.

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Get to know the region

All of Finland’s four regions are special in their own way. Here are a few things that are unique about this one.

Relax like a Finn

Bathing in a sauna and relaxing in nature are two hallmarks of Finnish culture. Read about them all.

Discovering Finnish landscape: Koli

Learn what to do and see in Koli, a place Finns love to visit for its beautiful landscapes.

Things to do in Lakeland

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Lemi, a town in Lakeland, has the most metal bands per capita in all of Finland. Rock on!