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Season of contrasts

In the spring, Finland starts to wake up after the long winter. During April and May, nature slowly blooms in the southern parts of the country but in Lapland you can typically still go skiing. You might also be able to catch a glimpse of the season's last auroras. In the coastal areas of Finland, spotting migrating birds is a must-do activity. Spring is truly the season of contrasts.

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Spring provides many opportunities to those seeking something off the beaten path. You can go skiing in Lapland and spend days outdoors enjoying the days that just get longer and longer. Or visit a city in the south, like Helsinki, where you'll see many happy Finns celebrating spring events such as Vappu on the 1st of May. If you're an animal lover, head to the coast to see birds migrating back to our Nordic latitudes.

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Here are some suggestions of things to do in Lakeland, Helsinki region, Coast and Archipelago, and Lapland.

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