Epic spring photos from Finland

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Credits: @casavetus

Goodbye winter – hello spring!

After enduring the long, frosty embrace of winter’s darkness, the arrival of spring emerges as one of the most eagerly anticipated seasons in Finland. Despite being brief, this season is packed with exciting changes as nature wakes up from its winter hibernation, slowly introducing breathtaking colours, sounds, and smells into the air.

Each day unveils new transformations as plants, animals, and people shake off their winter blues and come back to life as snow and ice slowly melt away. However, it’s wise to stay vigilant, as sometimes the infamous Finnish takatalvi – an unexpected cold spell – might still make a surprising appearance. But fear not, longer and warmer days are ahead, and the long-awaited summer will soon be around the corner.

In this article, we invite you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Finland's spring through a collection of stunning photographs captured by our online community. Dive in and enjoy!

The arrival of spring is eagerly awaited in Finland as the frozen landscapes gradually thaw, revealing breathtaking views across the country. And with sunsets painting the sky in cotton candy hues, spring evenings become particularly magical.
Credits: @tarjamarjut

Immerse yourself in the season of contrasts

Finland's spring season usually kicks off around late March and stretches well until May. Yet, due to its geographical length of over 1,160 kilometres from north to south, Finland's climate varies quite strongly in different regions during this time.

In April and May, the weather in Finnish Lapland might still be pretty chilly, often staying well below zero degrees Celsius. Ski enthusiasts can still hit the slopes at many ski resorts, enjoying pristine conditions amidst the snow-capped landscapes. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a final glimpse of the magical northern lights before they disappear for the season.

Down south, especially in the Coast and Archipelago or Helsinki region, the weather typically warms up a bit quicker. Between March and May, temperatures usually already bounce between 0 and 10 degrees, sometimes even hitting close to 20 degrees Celsius. As the snow and ice gradually melt away, trees and flowers start to bloom, bringing some much-needed colour back to the stunning landscapes.

While Finns eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring's longer days and warmer breezes, some corners of the country might still cling to winter's chill. Nevertheless, these moments offer their own kind of charm, especially when the sun dances on the remnants of snow and ice.
Credits: Niko Harju, @nisbbo

Experience the bird migration spectacle

With hundreds of thousands of birds migrating back to the Arctic, springtime in Finland is a fascinating time, especially for bird enthusiasts and photographers alike. The types of birds you can see vary depending on where you are in the country and the time of year. It has been currently estimated that Finland is home to around 490 bird species, including some that are hard to find in other parts of Europe.

One of the best places to watch and photograph birds is Finland’s 41 national parks, with their untouched natural settings and landscapes. But please keep your distance from birds and their nests when birdwatching, and stay out of areas in the parks that might be restricted during migration and nesting season.

With patience and skill, nature photographer Jukka Risikko perfectly timed this shot to capture a blue tit taking off amidst the gorgeous spring scenery.
Credits: Jukka Risikko, @jukkarisikko

Witness the revival of wildlife

As temperatures rise and plants begin to flourish, also Finland's wildlife springs into action. Some animals awaken from hibernation, while others begin their mating and breeding season. With its rich variety of animal species, Finland provides great opportunities for observing animals during this season. Whether you're hoping to catch sight of the world's rarest seal, witness the majestic national bird of Finland, or capture the impressive presence of one of the country's 1,500 bears on a guided tour, Finland offers endless possibilities for wildlife enthusiasts.

As wildlife stirs to life during Finland's springtime, the mating and breeding season brings forth adorable animal babies, such as this charming furry little fox cub.
Credits: Riku Norakari, @rikunorakari

Celebrate the arrival of spring with various activities

In addition to immersing yourself in nature and wildlife in Finland's forests and nature reserves, spring in Finland offers a variety of other activities to embrace the essence of the season, regardless of the weather.

Explore Finland's newest saunas and museums scattered throughout the country, providing a cosy retreat from an unexpected takatalvi. Meanwhile, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or kayaking invite you to uncover the stunning landscapes bathed in spring sunlight. Experience the awakening of nature, from the blossoming cherry trees in cities like Helsinki or Turku to vibrant Rhododendrons blooming across the country. And don't miss out on joining in the spring festivities, like Vappu, to celebrate the arrival of spring and the anticipation of summer in Finland.

As spring progresses in Finland and the days get longer, locals start soaking up every bit of sunshine. Johanna from Oulu had a delightful surprise when she chose to savour a warm spring evening. Despite forecasts showing no signs of a promising sunset, she still decided to hop on her bike, cycle through puddles towards Nallikari beach – and unexpectedly got rewarded with this stunning golden sunset.
Credits: @casavetus

Sustainable spring activities

Eager to experience the spring vibes in Finland through a variety of activities? Discover our curated selection of sustainable spring activities and enjoy the magic of the season up close.

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