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Epic photos of Finnish winter darkness

Discover the magic of Finland's landscapes during the darker seasons with this collection of inspiring images captured by our social media community.

Discover Finnish winter on ice

Find out about thrilling ice activities for the entire family in Finland during the winter and learn about ice safety in the land of a thousand lakes.

Epic autumn photos from Finland

A collection of incredible autumn images from different parts of Finland including the season's first northern lights to epic autumn foliage and wildlife photographs.

Top five things to do in autumn in Finland

The autumn months in Finland offer earthy tastes and unforgettable sights from the first sights of the northern lights to the colours of autumn foliage.

Tips for hiking and walking in Finland

Would you like to go on a hiking holiday in Finland? Here are our best tips on how and where to get started.

Kayaking and canoeing in Finland

Best tips of places to go and sights to see with a kayak or a canoe in different parts of Finland in the summer.

Five extraordinary road trips in Finland

Here's a look at five unique summer road trips in Finland from the South to the West Coast and all the way to arctic Lapland.

Charming restaurants and cafes in Åland

The variety of charming restaurants and cafés makes the Åland Islands a perfect place for all foodies. Find out which places you shouldn't miss out on during your next visit.

Quirky summer events in Finland

Here's a look at some of the most quirky summer events in Finland from Heavy Metal Knitting to Tree Hugging World Championships.

Design meets nature – shelters and huts in Finland

Here's a look at unique and modern nature shelters and huts all around Finland and the Finnish nature.

Roam Ylläs in the summer

The biggest ski centre of Finland 'Ylläs' is an action-packed destination during Lapland's summer. Look here to read more.

Uncover Utsjoki, Saariselkä and Inari in the summer

Uncover Lapland North unforgettable activities and places to stay around the Inari, Saariselkä and Utsjoki region.

Summer Flavors of Lapland North with Sámi chef Heikki Nikula 

Chef Heikki Nikula from Inari lists out the essential summertime tastes of the Inari Sámi culinary tradition.

Must-visit nature locations in summer Lapland

Summer in Lapland is truly magical and there are many must-see nature locations to visit from national parks to canyons and fells.

Best places for winter photography in Finland

The pure, snow-filled landscapes and breathtaking natural phenomena make Finland the best location for winter photography.

Best things to do in Finland during winter

Experience the spectacular Northern Lights, go skiing in the picturesque crown-snow forests, or enjoy the atmosphere in an urban ice skate rink.

Best second-hand and vintage shops in Helsinki

Helsinki is a stellar place to look for Finnish design classics, Nordic fashion, and second-hand items from international luxury brands.

Cruise your way to Finland

If you're looking for an alternative to flying, a Baltic Sea cruise is a great way to reach Finland.

Best things to do in spring

While winter in Finland remains a popular time to visit, spring in the bustling pearl of Northern Europe is full of beautiful adventures.

Finland's wonderful wildlife

Finland's wildlife is astonishing in every season. Learn more about the animals you might encounter during a vacation in Finnish nature.

The wooden towns of Finland

Finland's wooden towns, such as Old Porvoo or Old Rauma, are interesting pieces of history that shouldn't be missed.

Celebrate with Pride in Finland

Experience Finland's welcoming, liberal atmosphere at these year-round Pride events throughout the country.

Top summery things to experience in the Finnish coast

Discover the top five things to experience during the summer on Finland's coast and plan your visit.

Top five experiences in winter Helsinki

Experience winter in the South of Finland. Discover the top five things to experience during the winter in Helsinki and plan your visit to Finland.

Experience Christmas in Finland

What's at the centre of a Northern Christmas? Get to know this Finnish tradition and discover what makes it special.

How to see the Northern Lights

Chasing the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are the best tips on how to see them in Finland from autumn to spring.

Discover the essentials of Finnish food culture

Get to know Finnish food culture’s culinary traditions, local ingredients, and delicious dishes you simply can’t miss when visiting this Nordic country.

Experience Hanko, Tammisaari & Raasepori

Discover the top things to do and way of life in three idyllic cities located in southern Finland.

Explore the new and unexpected in Helsinki

Enjoy some of these new and unconventional activities that capture the spirit of ever-evolving Helsinki.

Top events in Helsinki

Discover the top five events in the Helsinki region in the summer and plan your vacation to Finland.

North Karelia region in Lakeland

Experience the North Karelia region by exploring its national parks and authentic Finnish culture.

Guide to driving in Finland

Here’s some practical information to ensure you have a smooth, safe drive through Finland, where the Nordic weather occasionally throws drivers a curveball.

Five must-experience saunas in Lapland

Relax and unwind at some of the most unique and spectacular must-experience saunas in Lapland, Finland.

Hidden gems in Lakeland

Book your vacation to Finland and discover these beautiful attractions in the Lakeland region.

B&B and hotel accommodation on the Finnish coast

Discover a unique, sea-faring way of life and choose from a handful of family-run accommodations for your next trip to Finland's coast and archipelago.

Tampere – the sauna capital of the world

Tampere is much more than the world capital of sauna. Discover its cultural sights, attractions and museums.

Five one-of-a-kind lakes in Finland

Discover five unique lakes that all offer something exceptional: Lappajärvi, Inarijärvi, Tuusulanjärvi, Sääksjärvi, Nurmijärvi and Julma-Ölkky.

Top things to do in the Åland islands

Discover some of the many things to do, see and experience in the Åland archipelago with these recommendations from Finland's official tourism website.

Where can I see a reindeer in Finland?

Reindeer, the iconic antlered mammal of Lapland, is one not to miss on your trip to the North. Here are some tips on where to find the reindeer and what to expect. If you’re interested, there are also reindeer safaris available in the Finnish Lapland!

Finnish air and its benefits

Discover why Lapland has the world's cleanest air and read fresh facts about this region on Finland's official tourism website.

Porvoo & Fiskars: idyllic & creative towns

Read about Porvoo and Fiskars, two idyllic and creative Finnish towns full of art and design, located near Helsinki.

Getting around in Helsinki city like a local

Discover Helsinki on foot, by bike or using public transportation. Learn more on Finland's official website.

10 islands to visit in Finnish Archipelago

Plan your trip to Finland, home to the world's largest archipelago, and discover 10 must-see islands.

What to wear in Finland during winter?

Discover essential tips and tricks for staying warm in Finland during winter. From layering techniques to choosing the right gear, this guide has you covered.

Guide to new Finnish museums in 2023

Here’s a quick and handy guide to the most exciting new museums to open in Finland, the land of 1000 museums, of late.

Must-visit museums in Finland

Finland is full of interesting museums from south to north. We've collected the must-visit list including the best art museums to history, science and much more!

How I found myself in Finland – stories from travellers

In this article, travellers tell stories about why they chose to travel to Finland and what makes Finland unique.

Eight unique fishing locations in Finland

Discover the thrill of fishing in Finland's pristine lakes and rivers, a haven for anglers. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty and reel in unforgettable moments.

5-minute mindfulness session in summer Lapland

Would you like to relax and enjoy a moment of mindfulness? Take five minutes with us and meditate under the Finnish midnight sun in summer Lapland.

Seven unique places to stay in Åland

A fisherman's hut, a lavish tent under the stars or a 500-year-old mansion: Åland islands offer unique places for everyone. Here are seven of our favourite places.

Meet the Moomins

The Moomins, those charming and whimsical white trolls, have left a significant mark on Finnish culture and history, and captured the hearts of people around the world.

Tom of Finland exhibition opens in Kiasma

Tom of Finland exhibition opens in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki on April 28, 2023.

Explore Levi in the summer

Explore Levi in Lapland and the great places to stay and many things to do during the summer.

Artist Meeri Koutaniemi finds inspiration in Kuusamo

Artist and journalist Meeri Koutaniemi reveals five nature destinations around Ruka-Kuusamo in Lapland that always inspire her.

Wilderness guide's family-friendly Lapland summer

Wilderness guide Minttu Heimovirta from Ylläs shares her best recommendations for family-friendly summer activities in Lapland.

Most interesting summer events in Lapland

Experience Lapland's most interesting summer events and unique culture under the endless, golden light of the Midnight Sun.

How to spend a dreamy winter day in Finland

Professional photographer and social media influencer Julia Kivelä gives her tips on how to spend the perfect winter day in Finland.

Best restaurants in Finland

The best restaurants in Finland take you on an unforgettable culinary expedition by using local ingredients in the most creative and mouth-watering ways.

Best second-hand and vintage shops in Tampere

Surrender to the charm of the fully flamboyant retro apparel or look for second-hand gems from classic Finnish brands.

Top 10 must-see museums in Helsinki region

Do museums tickle your fancy? In Helsinki Region, you are spoiled with choice. Here are the museums that made it to our top 10 must-see list.

Camping in Finland

Camping in Finland is easy and safe. Choose from 41 national parks, over 200 hundred official campsites and countless other nature sites to start your exploration!

Learn 11 sustainable travel tips

Planning a trip to Finland but worried about the impacts of your travel? Check out Visit Finland’s tips on how to make smart, sustainable choices in travelling.

10 best things to do in Finland

Dreaming of a holiday in Finland but not sure where to start? Here's a list of the top 10 things to do in this Nordic nation.

Traditional Finnish celebrations and parties

Discover how Finnish people celebrate holidays - and how to share those moments with them.

Nine hot summer cities in Finland

Discover nine hot cities in Finland to visit during summertime, selected for you by

Finland's 10 most beautiful landscapes

Jump on board and have a look at spellbinding scenes of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Finland.

Top things to do during winter in Lapland

Discover the top five things to experience during the winter in Lapland and plan your visit to Finland.

Get to know the Finns

Planning to vacation in Finland? Before you go, get to know the warm, open and sincere Finnish people.

Hidden gems of the Finnish archipelago

Discover a few of the archipelago's hidden gems and start planning your trip to the coast of Finland, which has a different rhythm altogether.

Sleep under the Northern Lights

Discover nature’s most spectacular light show, the Aurora Borealis, from purpose-built spaces like glass huts and luxury suites.

Find your favourite forest in Finland

Discover a forest walk or hike that suits your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

5 ways to enjoy autumn’s colours on the Finnish coast

Plan your trip to Finland and discover the top five things to do in spring and autumn in the coast and archipelago region.

Exploring the Helsinki region’s hidden gems

The Helsinki region is a bustling hub of vibrant culture, good eats and spectacular nature. Here are five hidden gems you shouldn’t miss.

Top five places to stay on the Finnish coast

If you're looking for incredible accommodations and unique experiences, check out this list of the top accommodations on Finland's coast.

Must-experience saunas in Lakeland

Relax and unwind at some of the most unique and spectacular must-experience saunas in Finnish Lakeland.

Top five things to do during winter in Lakeland

Explore the winter wonders of Finnish Lakeland! Discover the top five things to experience and plan your unforgettable winter getaway.

The hidden gems of Lapland

Book your vacation to Finland and discover these beautiful attractions in Lapland, a placed filled with ancient folklore and sauna.

Five most interesting events in Lapland

Discover an action-packed calendar full of spectacular events to add to your schedule before your visit to Finnish Lapland.

Finland – land of the Midnight Sun

Learn about the land of the midnight sun and the events you can experience during this special season in Finland.

Five must-experience saunas in the Coast & Archipelago

Relax and unwind at some of the most unique and spectacular saunas on the Finnish coast and around the archipelago.

Experience the Vaasa and Seinäjoki region

Discover a unique combination of nature-centric activities and modern urban experiences in and around Finland's Vaasa and Seinäjoki region.

Discovering Finnish landscape: Koli

Learn what to do and see in Koli, a place Finns love to visit for its beautiful landscapes.

Taste the eight seasons of Lapland

Experience Arctic wilderness and eight seasons of Lapland through its food, as each season offers a unique culinary experience.

Seven reasons why you can find happiness in Finland

Discover some of the best things about Finland, from its culture of relaxing to its beautiful nature.

Design flagship stores in Helsinki

Discover Finnish fashion and interior design icons (and future classics!) at these flagship stores in Helsinki.

Best luxury spa experiences in Finland

Begin your relaxing spa journey with our handpicked selection of Finland’s best luxury spa experiences and make the most of your trip to Finland.

Everything you need to know about snow

When does it start snowing in Finland? We have answers to your top questions about winter and the snow season in Finland.

In the footsteps of the Masterclass of Happiness

In this article, we take a look at the Masterclass of Happiness and its unique locations around Finland's Lakeland region.

Must-visit wild food restaurants in Finland

Discover Finland's culinary wonders with wild food restaurants. Indulge in Nordic flavours as nature's bounty takes centre stage. Taste untamed Finland!

Top reasons to go running in Finland

Here's a look at some of the best and most unique running events, and reasons to go running in Finland from the Helsinki City Marathon to trail running in Lapland.

10 new unique places to stay in Finland

From modern cabins in the woods to luxury resorts and glass huts in arctic wilderness, here's a look at the newest unique accommodation in Finland in 2023.

Epic train journeys in summer Finland

Endless summer nights and cool summer days. Exploring Finland by train is one of the best and most sustainable ways to discover the sights and sounds of this Nordic country.

Five myths about Finland

Here's a look at some of the most famous myths and questions about Finland, like is Finland a part of Scandinavia. We have the answers here.

Best new public saunas in Finland

There are over 3 million saunas in Finland, but there’s always room for more. Take a look at our curated list of some of the best new public saunas in the country.

Explore Ruka-Kuusamo in the summer

Amazing nature and the many things to do make Ruka-Kuusamo a great destination for a summer holiday in Lapland. Explore the top things to do.

Meet Northern lights photographer Aki Mikkola

Rovaniemi-based Northern Lights photographer Aki Mikkola shares his best tips of nature photography in Lapland during the summer.

Discover Rovaniemi in the summer

Discover what to do and where to stay in Rovaniemi during your summer holiday in Lapland.

Tree huggers' top summer picks in Levi

The people behind Lapland's Tree Hugging World Championships give their top culture event and nature destination recommendations around Levi.

Unique hotel rooms in Finland

Looking for an exceptional place to stay during your city break? Choose between unique hotel room options ranging from independent boutique hotels to established hotel chains across Finland.

10 Best ski resorts in Finland

Long winter season, slopes suitable for all ages, lots of winter activities, and the Northern lights make Finland the perfect winter destination.

Best second-hand and vintage shops in Turku

Here's a look at the best second-hand and vintage shops in Turku – the city always on-trend.

Best ways to experience fall foliage in Finland

Finnish autumn is all about admiring the colours of fall foliage, known as "ruska" in Finnish.

Cycling holiday in Finland

Did you know that Finland is a great holiday destination for cyclists? Here's why.

Discover Christmas markets in Finland

Visit some of Finland's most wonderful Christmas markets and add an extra dash of magic to the season's festivities.

Top five things to do during summer in Lakeland

Discover five unique things to experience during summertime in Lakeland and plan your visit to Finland.

Finland is a safe travel destination

Finns are extremely honest: they speak plainly and they'll return a lost wallet. Learn about the Finns and Finland, one of the world's safest places to visit.

Everything you need to know about Midsummer

Midsummer, which celebrates the summer solstice, is a major holiday in Finland. Find out how to celebrate like a Finn.

Finnish architecture icons of Helsinki

Visit downtown Helsinki to discover some of Finland's must-see architectural sites and icons, both old and new.

Meet the Sámi

The Sámi are the only indigenous people within the European Union. Learn more about this unique culture.

Meet Santa Claus in the Finnish Lapland

Find answers to your questions about Santa, including where he's from, how old he is and where he lives.

The best of summer in Helsinki

Discover the top five things to experience during the summer in Helsinki and plan your visit to Finland.

Top 3 things to experience in the wintry archipelago

Discover the top three things to do in winter on the country's coast and archipelago as you plan your vacation to Finland.

Best spots along the Pohjola route

Learn about the Pohjola Route, which traverses the Oulu region and offers some of the best things to do and see for families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Must-experience saunas in Helsinki region

Relax and unwind at some of the most unique and spectacular must-experience saunas in Finland's Helsinki region.

Top five things to do in summery Lapland

Discover the top five things to experience during the summer in Lapland and plan your visit to Finland.

Finnish everyman's rights

In Finland, nature isn't just wild; it’s free for all to enjoy - respectfully, of course. Learn about what Finnish people call “The Everyman’s Rights.”

Best food and drinks in Turku, Vaasa and Oulu

Explore the best food and drinks in Turku, Vaasa and Oulu, and enjoy Finland's culinary coast.

Five events in Lakeland to experience

Planning to visit Finland's Lakeland region this summer? Check out this list of local events, ranging from classic to quirky, before you go.

Five things to experience in dreamy Inari

From discovering Sámi culture to spending a night floating on Lake Inari, here are five things to experience in Inari.

Five must-experience saunas in Finland

Relaxing in a sauna is practically mandatory in Finland. Here are five of the country's most unique saunas to try during your visit.

Lakeland lake-hopping

Spend your summer by one or more of these Finnish lakes, selected for you by

Best times to see the Northern Lights in Finland

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime show and find out the best times to visit Finland for your chance to see the Northern Lights in the Lapland.

Experience the Turku region

Here’s a selection of some of the best things to experience in Turku, the oldest city and the former capital of Finland, and the archipelago around it.

10 sauna tips for beginners

New to the sauna experience? Discover the best times to go, how long to stay and Finnish best practices.

Relax like a Finn

Bathing in a sauna and relaxing in nature are two hallmarks of Finnish culture. Read about them all.

The Helsinki islands

Discover the islands close to Helsinki where locals go to enjoy Finland's wonderful natural landscapes.

Easy-access lighthouses to visit

Escape to Finland's secluded islands and discover six must-see lighthouses with easy, year-round access.