Boreal Bird & Wildlife Photographing Tour

From 3480 €
Duration 10 days

This comprehensive bird and nature photographing week in Northern Ostrobothnia and South Lapland is made for nature lovers! Photographing holiday could be arranged as a self-guided holiday or with the local guide.

Wide-ranging bird sites vary from wonderful old spruce forests to hills, wetlands, lakes and riversides. We photograph birds and wildlife from the hiking trails in the wilderness, from the hides made for professional photographers, single or twin bird photographing tents, bird-watching towers and if you prefer you can hire a floating bird hide. Bear and eagle hides are solid wooden hides with photographing tables where you can attach your ball head or gimbal.

You will have also a good time enjoying the silence and rest during your wilderness photographing holiday. Taigavire Oy / Hikes'n Trails works as a field operator in South Lapland specializing in bird and wildlife photography tours. We cooperate only with professional nature photographers and sustainable wildlife companies in Finland.

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Suitable experience in May, June, July, August, September


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