Bird Walk in Inari

From 80 €
Duration 3 hours

Join us for the winter bird walk in Inari to observe local birds, which we help to survive the long winter by feeding them. The walk begins in our backyard where Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit and Great Tit are commonly around. If we are lucky we might even see Capercaillie and/or Willow Grouse. By mid-February or early March we start looking for first Pine Grosbeaks to return. As spring progresses, Bullfinch, Common and Arctic Redpolls, Greenfinch, Siskin and Brambling usually arrive at the feeding site.

We also observe possible bird tracks and sign during the bird walk. You learn how birds survive a harsh and long winter and how e.g. Three-toed Woodpecker gets its food in old-growth forests. At the end of the walk we enjoy open-fire hot drink and local snacks in our kota while admiring birds or even squirrels at nearby feeders.

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Suitable experience in March, April, May


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