Best second-hand and vintage shops in Tampere

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Credits: Vintage Garden

Tampere - the city full of character

Tampere is a charming inland city in western Finland by the lakes Näsi and Pyhä. The emblematic red-brick factory buildings still witness the city’s past as a major industrial centre, particularly in the textile industry. Tampere’s strong working-class legacy has had a major impact on theatre art, rock music, and ice hockey, which the city is now most famously known for.

The vintage stores are excellent places to get a hold of the city's past. There you can find articles you might not find anywhere else – for a fair price. Surrender to the charm of the fully flamboyant retro apparel or look for second-hand gems from classic Finnish brands such as Vuokko, Marimekko, and Artek. With treasures like these, it is easy to make second-hand shopping your first choice.

Here are some of our favourite second-hand shops and vintage boutiques in Tampere.

Essentials for the eccentrics at Yesterday Second Hand

Yesterday Second Hand, Itsenäisyydenkatu 12-14

If you are a bold dresser looking for the more flamboyant retro and vintage wear from the 1950s to the 1980s, pay a visit to Yesterday Second Hand. Here you can expect to find stand-out pieces for both men and women, ranging from flashy leather jackets to glamorous evening gowns.

Yesterday Second Hand is where you will find truly unique additions to your wardrobe.
Credits: Yesterday Vintage

Vintage vantage at Helga-Neiti

Helga-NeitiAleksanterinkatu 30

This oldest vintage and second-hand shop in Tampere offers a carefully curated selection of women’s wear from the past decades. The items on sale are of good quality - often embellished with beautiful details and made from natural materials. Here you have a great chance of finding a vintage piece by the legendary Finnish brand Vuokko.

The boutique has been in business since 1976.
Credits: Helga-neiti

The vintage stores are excellent places to get a hold of Tampere's past.

Kätkö Vintage - a treasure hunters' paradise

Kätkö Vintage, Aaltosenkatu 31-33

This store by the Tammela marketplace is a real treasure trove. Here you can find both quality furniture as well as unique vintage wear for both men and women. Start your quest here if you search for a vintage varsity jacket, a retro Marimekko number, or a preloved piece of Artek furniture.

Bang for your buck at UFF

UFF second-hand charity store, many locations in Tampere

UFF stores are popular places to make affordable and unique finds for the whole family. For the best bargains keep an eye for ”Tasarahapäivät” campaigns. For secondhand gems, wait until the promotion ends, as the shops get stocked afterward with new garments. If you prefer a vintage selection, head to UFF store on Hämeenkatu 18.

Denim galore on display at UFF.
Credits: UFF

Vibrant glamour at Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden, Ilmarinkatu 9

This boutique offers a collection of pre-owned gems curated with classically feminine aesthetics. Vintage Garden is a great place to look for vintage jewellery and dresses from the 1940s until the 1990s.

Credits: Vintage Garden

Other treasure troves in Tampere

Fida second-hand charity store, Kuninkaankatu 22 & Tammelan puistokatu 37

Fida is the largest Finnish chain of charity second-hand stores, where you can find clothing, accessories, furniture, home décor as well as equipment for sports and other hobbies at an affordable price.

Kodin Kakkonen, Papinkatu 20 

This thrift shop has an all-encompassing selection of second-hand gear and items jumbled in an enormous 1000m2 space. Kodin Kakkonen is the place to look for old, affordable furniture, houseware, and books.

Lumindolife, Verkatehtaankatu 6

Lumindolife is a second-hand shop in the centre of Tampere, where you will find a wide range of preloved classic women’s wear - clothes, shoes, and bags. The items sold in this boutique are all in good condition and beautifully put on display.

Oldie, Kauppakatu 6

In case your taste in second-hand is leaning towards fancy brands, don’t miss on Oldie. This boutique has a selection of preloved gems from luxury labels such as Dolce Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent. Oldie also has a range of second-hand men’s wear, shoes, and accessories.

Salvation Army iCare, Kuninkaankatu 24 & Lindforsinkatu 4

Alongside the common charity flea markets, Salvation Army now has a secondhand chain store named iCare. In these rebranded shops you can find real bargain deals on used articles such as clothes, accessories, and small items of home décor.

Shiva Exhale, Laukontori 6b

For the fans of vintage glamour, this latest addition to the second-hand scene in Tampere is a real delight. Apart from vintage apparel, Shiva Exhale has a broad collection of shoes and bags from the past decades.

Swamp Music, Verkatehtaankatu 11

If you like to browse second-hand vinyl records, head towards Swamp Music. The store has a wide selection of music in LP format ranging from jazz to rockabilly. Special editions are also sold here if you look to find something unique.

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