Parks of Kotka


Fall in love with the parks of Kotka. The Kotkansaari park trail is five kilometres long. You can pop into the parks you like, or travel the entire route on foot or by bike.

Make sure to include these parks on your itinerary. Sapokan Vesipuisto (Sapokka Water garden) - the top-rated water garden in Finland, Katariinan Meripuisto (Katariina Sea Park) – for its open sea views, Yrttipuutarha Redutti-Kotka - which has an herb garden in a historical fortification, and Veistospromenadi (Sculpture promenade) – a sculpture exhibition park. Additionally, save some time for Sibeliuksenpuisto (Sibelius Park), Palotorninvuoren Puisto (Fire tower mountain), Jokipuisto (River Park), Fuksinpuisto (Fuchsia Park) and Isopuisto, which has the oldest building in Kotka.

When you are in Sapokka, be sure to visit Maretarium to discover the world of Finnish aquatic nature. Do you know which kind of fish gudgeon, chub, minnow, or tench are? Perhaps you already recognize perch, eel, pike, flounder, and roach, but how do you identify a roach from a rudd, a small whitefish from a vendace, ora trout from a salmon? Visit Maretarium to find out more. At Sapokka you can enjoy a lovely snack or a meal at either Meri Café Kristina, Marina Café Laituri, Tukikukko or Restaurant Wanha Fiskari, before exploring Kotka at Palotorninvuori Park or Maritime Centre Vellamo. There are numerous exhibitions with something for everyone, whether you want to relive historical battles at sea, admire art or learn about boat building.

If you love the sea, visit the Katariina Sea Park at the southern tip of the island. Feel the sea breeze and let your eyes rest on the horizon. When it’s clear, you can get a glimpse of Suursaari, an island on the other side of the Russian border.

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