The Kymijoki River


The Kymijoki river flows through our area into the sea, via its five forks. Each has its own unique delta that offers a magnificent setting for nature experiences; whether you’re looking for peace and quiet, adventures in a natural setting, fishing or water sports, you’re guaranteed to find it in the nooks and crannies of Kymijoki.

Whether you’d prefer throwing a fly or a lure, fishing areas are abundant in the Southeast. Large salmon migrate into River Kymijoki, packed with rainbow trout, or an occasional pike, asp, or zander. Try fishing at such places as the rocky and well-stocked Siikakoski rapids, where you can find tranquil nature right in the heart of Kotka. There are casting jetties, campfire sites, a hiking trail, a riverside restaurant, and the nearby Lohilaani Fishing Village, so why not make a day out of it! Stay the night at local hotels, at a cottage riverside, or a camping site by the sea.

The most popular fishing site at Kymijoki is the Korkeakoski casting jetty, where the odds of catching succulent sea trout are high and where you will have the company of other anglers. There is, however, ample space for those that would rather go it alone; with many other slow and fast rapids in the Keski-Kymi area, such as the Ahvionkoski Rapids.

Along the westernmost fork of the Kymijoki River, the historical village of Strömfors Ironworks provides gorgeous nature trails and waterways for the outdoor enthusiast, and bikes, boats, canoes, sup-boards, and kayaks can be rented at the village. Extend your stay at a local hotel, guesthouse, or cottage, and you will find yourself at the heart of artisan history and breathtaking nature.

The colorful history of the Kymi river goes back hundreds of years. The river served as a route to the sea for Vikings and fishermen, and a national border in the late 18th century. History can still be seen in the ruins and buildings of the river estuary.

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Kymijoki River through Loviisa, Pyhtää and Kotka, 48750 Loviisa
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