Brännskär Glamping

From 118 €

Archipelago Glamping with an oceanwiew from the tents. Now you can live in furnished tents on Brännskär. A real nature experience in the middle of the archipelago with a touch of luxury. Combine your glamorous camping with any of our services on the island.

Brännskär Glamping consists of 4 tents furnished for 2 persons. You can easily make room for 2 more persons per tent with extra beds. The tent cloth is waterproof and UV-resistant. The tent sides can be folded up and the mosquito net that runs around the tent prevents bugs from entering the tent distroying your experience. The tents have a diameter of 5 metres and a floor area of 20m2. 

There are dry toilets on the Glamping area and about 300 meters from the tents you can find showers, barbeques and a swimming beach.

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Suitable experience in June, July, August, September


Living Archipelago

Brännskär, 21650 Lillandet
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