Charming Old Loviisa


For those who love old wooden houses and picturesque townships, Loviisa is an absolute treasure so take the time to explore it. Wander the little alleys and admire the courtyards and gardens in this lovely little town by the sea.

You can start your Loviisa tour, for example, by visiting the local museum at the historical Komendantintalo (Commandant’s House) that was built in 1755. Loviisa is famous for its gardens, and there are annual events that allow people to visit and inspect them more closely.

Within this small town, nothing is too far away. Stroll through the lovely Kappelinpuisto (Chapel Park), take the historical Ehrensvärd Trail, and explore Loviisa Fort at Garnison Park, where the rivers and bays of Loviisa meet.

Upon arriving at Sibelius Park, you might have probably already guessed that there’s a story about it, and you’d be right. Famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius used to visit his grandmother in Loviisa as a child. He wrote his Kullervo symphony in Loviisa and gave concerts at Seurahuone, one of the oldest buildings in Loviisa, still used for various events and festivities.

The majestic church of Loviisa that welcomes all visitors at the gateway to the town is also a good landmark for entering the nature trail at Myllyharju. It is a popular hiking and jogging trail for the locals and opens a wonderful view to the Gulf of Finland over the idyllic old town. There’s also a hundred-year old, one-of-a-kind observation tower at Kukkumäki. This red, ironmade, art nouveau style tower is as charming as they come and a perfect place for admiring the beautiful sea view.

When you are getting peckish, find your way to one of the lovely restaurants in Loviisa. There are also wonderful places to stay in town as well. As just one example, spend a night at the beautiful Loviisa Campsite next to the beach and begin the next day by the sea.

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