Vimpa Island accommodation

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The idyllic archipelago property of Vimpasaari is a quiet location by the sea, just a 10-minute drive from Hamina. The rental villas are built for year-round use, located on the mainland, just next to the beach. There are 3 villas on the mainland, Villa Vimpasaari for 12 guests, Vimpa Sea Side house for 3 + 2 guests and Vimpalahti for 7 guests, as well as three 4-person archipelago cabins.

Rakinkotka’s Viikinkisaari Island, just 10-20 minutes away by sea, has unique and cozy cottages available for use during the summer season from April to October. There are four cottages, Kotkanpesä for 11 guests, Suomun tupa for 4 guests, Lokinpesä for 7 guests and Yökyöpeli for 7 guests. A beautiful, ecological and old-fashioned Viking Village has been built on the island, including a number of buildings dating back to the 19th century. The beautiful nature and history of the island, with an area covering 27 hectares, can be explored along the island path. On the island you can enjoy saunas, Kalliosavusauna and a hot tub, as well as great spots for swimming.

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Vimpa Islands

Vimparaitti 29, 49400 Hamina
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